For those of you who don’t know, the Philippines has a huge love for the game of basketball. Other countries are big on baseball or soccer, but not my country. I’m glad the NBA recognizes our large fan base. #philippines #NBAinternational #rockets #pacers


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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis: Wings, The NBA All-Star Game, & Selling Out



Over the past couple days, I’ve read numerous tweets and a couple articles about the use of our song “Wings” as the intro for the 2013 NBA All Star Game. While most people were congratulatory over the television appearance, it seemed like there were a fair amount of people that were quick to…

1. I’m happy he addressed it, because I love the NBA and Macklemore’s music. I agree with most of what he says especially the promotion of the song to future fans.

2. I do think the NBA is a direct link to shoe consumerism (Jordans, LeBrons, CP3s). I understand that they have to trim re-arrange the song, but (in my opinion) their making that line the last bar is disrespectful to the powerful meaning of the song. 

3. My definition of selling out is changing the music you create to fit the mainstream’s definition of “good music.” That is not what Macklemore did. I think his lyrics need to be heard by everyone and this is a great way of getting it out there.


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